Guidelines for full length paper submission

  1. All papers must be submitted electronically in word.doc format (.doc or .docx).
  2. Formatting: page is set top and bottom margins to 2.54 cm. Left margin should be set to 3.00 cm and right margin set at 1.50 cm. Please use justification format for all text body.
  3. All submission shall be ONLINE
  4. Submitting paper does not guarantee acceptance
  5. Note that your paper will not be included in the proceedings if you do not register for the conference
  6. Only one paper is allowed per submitting author, but the submitting author can be co-author on another research paper
  7. Paper must be written in English and should include the following structured information
    • Title: Use 12 point bold, title case in Times New Roman
    • Author(s) name and affiliation: Use 11 point Times New Roman (normal) characters for Author names (with full name) and 10 point Times New Roman characters for the affiliation.
    • Underline name of the presenting author and provide his/her Email address
    • All text should be 11 point Times New Roman and only title of the text should be 11 point bold
    • Abstracts: not more than 100 words
    • Introduction: should be precise
    • Material and Methods: provide optimum necessary
    • Results and discussion: show appropriate data, chemical structure, graphic and table can be inserted. Please go through “Paper submission template”
    • Conclusion: A clear cut conclusion is necessary
    • Acknowledgement
    • Reference(s): Not more than 5. Reference cited in body text should be in number such as [1], [2], [3, 4] etc. Use 10 point Times New Roman characters.
  8. Submit your manuscript in minimum 3 pages and maximum 5 pages according to instruction given above.
  9. Note that there should not be any plagiarism in the submitted paper. Plagiarism up to 20% is permissible.

Template for full length paper submission

Title of the paper

Name of Author(s) with superscripts for affiliating institutes as given below
The presenting author’s name should be underlined
1 Name and address of the affiliating institute
2 Name and address of the affiliating institute.
E-mail address of the presenting author:

Abstract- This document serves as a WORD template and instructions in providing the basic guidelines for preparing the full paper submission for the IPSAPHARM 2017 Conference Proceedings. Paper length should be 3-5 pages. Please use justified format for all text body.

Should be written concisely and includes aim of the study, summarized data based on scientific evidence and conclusion.

Short introduction can be provided. It leads to your research problems and objective of the research

Materials and Methods
1) Materials: Provide information of materials.
2) Methods: Provide information of methods.

Results and discussion
Please add only the relevant results as well as discussion. Results may be separated from discussion as appropriate. Concise data should be summarized in this section. Please remember your content will be appeared in the proceeding. It is an paper for the proceeding, NOT for submitting to the journal.

Graphics should be in TIFF or PNG format, 600 dpi for graphics, charts, drawings or tables and 200 dpi for photos and gray scale images. Chemical structure and excel graph should be prepared as graphic format.

Table should be prepared by word “NOT import from excel” and inserted at position as appropriate. If you summarize your data in Table format, please do not repeat data in the body text.

The author(s) should represent data by tables, figures, diagrams, graphs and/or pictorial representation.

Use 9 point Times New Roman character for footnote.

Acknowledgement (If any)
Reference(s) (Not more than 5)

[1] Reference cited in body text should be in number such as [1], [2], [3;4], consecutively.
[2] Please follow the format the reference list as follow.
[3] Farnsworth NR and Bunyapraphatara N (1992) Title of the book. Name and place of the publisher: Page No..
[4] Other AN, Other RT, Polo N & Moller MT (Year) Abbreviation of Journal’s name, vol.: page number.

For example: Panichyupakaranant P, Charoonratana T & Sirikatitham A (2009) J Chromatogr Sci 47:705-708.

Please follow the instruction carefully,
Not less than 3 and not more than 5 pages for full length paper